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                                       SHOW COOKING

                                                     Your event – with a unique experience!

If you want to offer your guests a culinary highlight, invite them to our show cooking, for the perfect aha experience for you and your guests, who will talk about this special evening for days.

Watch our cuisine team and our chef as they use molecular gastronomy to whip up dishes for elaborate parties. Molecular gastronomy involves the use of chemistry and nontraditional techniques and equipment to execute culinary creations. Our chef will also reveal his cooking secrets, while your guests enjoy the freshly prepared delicacies. Finest culinary experiences are guaranteed – live and magical.

                               MOLECULAR GASTONOMY 

Our trained chef combines her dedication to chemistry with her passion for gastronomy and brings to you the art in food and the science in flavour.

Caviar & Pearls Entrees

€12.50 per person for each choice

  · Champagne pearls on fresh oysters

  · Honey caviar served with goat cheese and chef’s salad

  · Melon caviar paired with jamon serrano

  · Balsamic vinegar black pearls on a 7 herb salad

  · Truffle caviar on a pita fyllo with pear and blue cheese

  · Mango pearls with shrimps and tricolour jalapeño salad

 · Green tea caviar on smoked salmon blinis


€8.50 per person for each choice

  · Floating chocolate nitro truffles

  · Ice cream sandwich with toasted marshmallow

  · Hot chocolate with exploding whipped cream

  · Warm chocolate shots rimmed with raspberry pop rocks

  · Nitro sweet pop corn

  · Caramel sea salt on nitro rice crackers

  · Seasonal fruits compressed in coconut milk


€16.50 per person for each choice

  · Champagne with strawberry caviar

  · Smoky classic dirty martini with grilled olives

  · Mojito with mint caviar

 · Apple cider with whiskey and exploding whipped cream

  · Sweet lemon drop martini with blueberry caviar

  · Mango soda with exploding whipped cream

  · Vodka lemon with frozen honey


  · Savoury crepes (ham & cheese, wild mushroom, spinach, salmon) €9.50 per person

  · Sweet crepes (chocolate & banana, vanilla & red fruits, apple & cinnamon, yoghurt-honey & nuts) €8.50 per person


The fondue is accompanied by oven baked potatoes and chef’s salad

Savoury fondue

  · Himalayan beef €10.50 per person

  · Swiss Chicken €9.50 per person

  · Wild Turkey €10.00 per person

  · Pork €8.50 per person

  · Fish (shrimp, tuna, calamar) €25.50 per person

  · Cheese (Gruyère, Comté, Vacherin) €25.00 per person

  · Vegetables €6.50 per person

Chocolate fondue assorted with seasonal fruits €26.50 per person

                                 OUR CHEFS SHARE THEIR CREATIONS WITH YOU!
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